Participant Screening
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A key component of safety as we resume athletic activity is the monitoring of symptoms related to COVID-19. To ensure the health and well-being of all people involved with athletic activities, a screening tool has been developed to monitor the onset of any of the following symptoms. Students, coaches & staff will perform self screening procedure prior to arrival to the school campus each day.

Screening Tool
Students and coaches/advisors will be asked to complete the screening questions using an electronic/online tool prior to 11:00am each day and two hours prior to their practice/event on weekend and holidays. The form must be completed each day regardless of whether the student-athlete plans on attending that days practice.  Student-athletes not completing the form by 11:00am or two hours priors to practice/event on weekends or holidays or not completing the form at will not be eligible for that days event(s). Beginning with the winter season all screening forms will be deactivated after the 11:00AM deadline. Student-athletes will not be able to complete the form after 11:00AM and as such will not be eligible for that day. Student-athletes will be able to receive the site link for screening from their coach/advisor or by using the link(s) below. Within the tool students and coaches/advisors will be asked questions regarding symptoms, travel, close contact and if they will be attending that days athletic session with their team. After submission of the questions students will receive one of the following messages and photos declaring their eligibility for the day.

**If student receives a red X while filling out the screening tool please visit the "What to do if I show symptoms or have tested positive for COVID-19 to learn next steps of what to do.

Cleared for Participation that day Not Cleared for Participation that day

Screening Form Links
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**students may need to log in to their email address to fill this out. If you are seeing a "Need Permission" notice it is because the student is not signed in.