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Event Operations

Event Management
The following processes and protocols may be applicable based upon the most current recommendations (in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic) offered by:
  1. Governor of Maine
  2. Maine Department of Education
  3. Maine Center for Disease Control
  4. Maine Principals’ Association
  5. National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Sports Medicine Advisory Committee

The steps identified below will be modified based upon guidance offered by one or more other above entities or other circumstances that may occur. As this situation is a fluid one, the Scarborough Athletic Department will examine each component on an on-going basis. The athletic administrator, along with other members of the school’s event management team of consultants (certified athletic trainer, school nurse, senior administration, etc.) will apply those planning components that are applicable.

Screening of Participants:

  • Scarborough participants
    • Any screening mandated at the time of the contest will be completed by Scarborough personnel
    • Game times may have to be adjusted to account for any need to screen students

Game Day Staff:

  • Game day staff/officials will be asked to complete the screening questions using an electronic/online tool. Staff will be able to receive the site link for screening from the athletic department or by using the link(s) on the “daily screening” page. Within the tool staff will be asked questions regarding symptoms, travel, close contact and if they will be attending that day’s athletic event.
    • screening must be completed by 11:00am for a weekday game or at least two hours prior to arrival at a game on holidays and weekend game days.
  • Officials should come to the game in their own equipment
  • Officials should practice social distancing in their meeting areas
  • Game day staff/officials will be responsible for providing their own PPE including face coverings.
  • Masks/face coverings should be worn by student-athletes while on the sidelines/benches and not actively engaged in competition “field of play.”
  • Masks should not be shared.
  • Officials/referees should utilize masks/face coverings as long as this will not directly impede the effective completion of their duties and responsibilities.
  • Masks/face coverings should be worn at all times unless engaged in rigorous physical activity
  • Coaches and game day personnel (Sports Medicine staff,, media, film crews, ball crews, etc.) should always utilize masks/face coverings.
Press box (Turn Field) limitations:
  • Scorers Booth: (1) scoreboard control official, (1) public announcer, School Administration as necassary – 6’ distance
  • Visiting Team box: limited to (2) coaches – 6’ distance
  • Scores Booth Outdoor deck: Video/Statistics/Coaches (4) *Coaches from competing home team will have first refusal
If game day event staff member reports reports becoming ill during the event, either based on symptoms or temperature level, the individual should wear a face covering and be sent immediately to a designated area for isolation and the school’s action plan implemented.

Visiting teams
For a full Game Day Management Plans please click here

  1. Visiting teams should arrive in a self sufficient manner
    1. Come ready to play the contest dressed in uniform
    2. Medical Kit with necessary Athletic Training supplies
    3. All Students-athletes must bring their own water vessel clearly labeled with their name
      1. Visiting teams should plan to bring their own water jug in order for their student-athletes to refill their water vessels
      2. These jugs/refill station should be clearly marked with the team name and purpose of only for use by such school when possible
  2. It should be the understanding of both teams involved in the contest that student-athletes have been screened by their schools, for signs and symptoms of COVID-19, prior to participation or entrance into another schools facilities
  3. Designated Locker/Private space for visiting teams may be available at schools that have protocols in place for sanitizing those areas.
    1. Home Team Medical staff must brief visit coaches of protocols and isolation space for if an athletes becomes sick during play
    2. Teams should only access the locker/private area to access the restroom or for emergency purposes with a maximum of one player/coach at a time, when possible. All other locker room protocols will be followed as outlines by Scarborough Schools Facilities Department
  4. Face Coverings are required by all players & coaches at all times unless engaged in vigorous activity.
  5. Social distancing must be practiced at all times
  6. Visiting teams should remain in their designated outdoor area prior to the contest and practice 6’ distancing at all times
  7. Live Streaming will be streamed through Youtube. The departments Youtube account name is "Scarborough Schools TV" and can be found by clicking here.
  8. Pre-game
    1. Player introductions will be announced during the final minutes of warm-ups. Teams should continue activity during this time.
    2. In game announcements will be made (scoring goals, substitutes, assists, ect.)
    3. National Anthem will be played for varsity contest. Players should assume their "game ready" positions on the playing surface, once players are at their positions the anthem will be played. Players not in the game should remain at the bench area for the anthem.

  • Spectators should wear a facemask/covering at all times possible.
  • Spectators should be restricted from direct competition areas and from visiting with student athletes and personnel before, during and after events.
  • Spectators should not congregate in hallways, common traffic areas or gymnasiums.
  • Spectators should always practice physical distancing with those outside of their direct family parties.
  • If/when spectators are allowed to attend games the number of entrances and egresses will be limited.
  • If/when spectators are allowed to attend games, transactions for tickets purchasing may likely not include cash.
  • Athletic facility signage related to COVID-19 will include but not be limited to the following:
    • Hand washing guide
    • Social Distancing guide
    • Face covering guide
    • Enter/Exit
    • Symptom Guidelines
  • If/when spectators are allowed at contests, ticket gates will have extended hours.
  • Gate managers will work to ensure safety of attendees and control of capacity.
  • Following a contest, all gates will be open for the exit of patrons to help ensure safety of attendees.
  • If a spectator leaves the gated area of the particular event, they will not be allowed to reenter for that contest.
  • In-game communications will provide information and directions to spectators as it relates to protocol and be supported by:
    • Signage
    • Public address announcements
    • Message boards
  • Tailgating is prohibited at all Scarborough events.
  • Lines for restrooms will be clearly marked and spaced to adhere to social distancing guidelines.
  • Spacing on seating/bleachers will be labeled in six foot increments on those sections in which spectators are allowed to sit. Every other row will be blocked off to ensure social distancing.
  • Common areas around facilities will be blocked from use during a contest.
  • Walkways will be established to maintain social distancing

COVID-19 has not been shown to be a food-borne disease. However, eating together is a high-risk time for COVID-19 transmission because people must remove their face coverings to eat and drink. People often touch their mouths with their hands when eating. In addition, meals are usually considered time for talking together, which further increases risk. 
If/when concessions are open at a contest...

  • Items sold may be limited to pre-packaged items.
  • Hand sanitizing will be available at all concession areas.
  • Concessions workers will wear gloves and face coverings at all times.
  • Transactions for purchasing items may likely not include cash.
  • Lines for concessions will be clearly marked and spaced to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Athletic Teams and School Personnel Travel to “away” events

  • Prior to boarding the team travel bus(es), van(s), any form of school transportation, each individual student-athlete and staff member should be screened by a staff member (usually a coach) 
  • Each coach will need to ensure that every athlete has completed their daily screening form that indicated they were “okay” to participate in practices, games (home and away) prior to participation/travel.
  • Opposing teams on competition day will be notified that each player has been screened and received an “okay” to participate.
  • Essential Personnel only which includes:
    • Coaches
    • Athletes – sideline rosters may be limited
    • Officials
    • Event staff required to be on the field
    • Medical staff
    • Security
  • Personal equipment – no sharing
    • Towels
    • Water bottles
  • Sideline practices
    • Hand sanitizing stations
    • Wiping down equipment
    • Water Stations
      • Only Sports Medicine staff or designated gameday managers should be allowed to access and utilize water coolers. Water coolers should be sanitized prior to being provided to visiting teams and are encouraged to be sanitized frequently during use
  • Physical distancing may be required in some situations
    • Six feet between participants
    • Participants place personal equipment/water bottles six feet apart
    • Tape or paint as a guide – six feet
  • No pregame or post-game handshake
  • Interactions between coaches and officials should be managed by guidelines established by Maine Principals’ Association
  • All benches should be wiped down using proper CDC-approved cleaning agents before and after competition. Wipe down bench spaces as frequently as possible throughout competition.
  • Sideline personnel will be limited and require credentialing from the home site administrators.
  • Scarborough will consider their safe and necessary sideline and bench capacity and determine enough home active roster numbers. “Swing players” as well as bench personnel will be determined prior to the start of the season.
Media Personnel
  • Media personnel will be expected to contact the school well in advance if they wish to attend contests for a specific day. 
  • Media personnel must complete electronic screening prior to entering the facility (same as game personnel).
    • When media personnel email Athletic Department about attending game they will receive the link to the screening tool.
    • when arriving to a venue the media personnel will be required to check in at the ticket booth to make sure the screening was complete and they are cleared to enter the facility.
  • Media personnel will be restricted to designated area of the facility and must maintain a 6’ distance at all times.
  • Media personnel must sanitize their hands prior to entering the facilities.
  • Media personnel must wear a face covering at all times. 
Game Day Venue Restriction
  • Local school administrators, in consultation with local health departments, should determine whether cheerleaders and mascots should participate in events. It is strongly encouraged to take into consideration the venue's ability to safely allow for and enforce proper physical distancing amongst cheerleaders and mascots. Direct physical interaction with and sharing of equipment and “apparel” with fellow cheerleaders and mascot  including those from the opposing team(s), and fans should be prohibited. Cheerleaders and mascots and all auxiliary personnel should always practice physical distancing when possible and should also wear a facemask/covering as much as possible and when appropriate.
  • Local school administrators, in consultation with local health departments, should determine whether bands may be allowed at contests where physical distancing can be observed, but consideration should be given to seating arrangements consistent with all previously mentioned recommendations during the contest both indoors or outdoors. Band members and all auxiliary band personnel should always practice physical distancing when possible and should also wear a facemask/covering as much as possible and when appropriate.
Athletic Training Room
  • Visiting student-athletes should wear a face mask/covering at all times while in the host site athletic training facility.
  • Host site athletic training rooms should not be available for visiting team pregame and post-game treatments.
  • If team is not traveling with an Athletic Trainer:
    • Be considerate of additional contact that will be required and provided by the host site.
    • Complete all taping/bracing at home if possible.
    • Host site AT should be contacted prior to trip, and a plan should be formulated on space and procedures for completing any taping and abiding by appropriate hand washing/sanitation activities upon entry and exit and any time they have come in contact with something possibly contaminated.
  • Limit number of occupants in the athletic training room at any given time to those on the same team and maintain appropriate physical distancing. This will be dependent upon size of the athletic training room and determined by appropriate staff, should be posted outside the room, monitored and limits enforced. A designated waiting area outside of the athletic training room should be marked with appropriate physical distancing.
  • If treatment or rehabilitation of a student-athlete requires use of a taping table or an exam table, the table should be protected and disinfected after each time it is used, regardless of physical barrier used.
  • Treatment/taping tables should be appropriately distanced a minimum of six feet apart.
  • Consider, weather permitting, taping be performed in an outside environment.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces at least daily (more frequently is recommended) and shared objects between each use. Efforts should be made to utilize premade ice bags.